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Meet James, the passionate owner of Utopia Decks, a premier deck and fence business serving Bruce County and Saugeen Shores communities.

At Utopia Decks, James blends his expertise in engineering and business with a keen eye for craftsmanship and detail. He offers clients a professional experience from start to finish, guiding them through choices like decking materials—whether it's composite, PVC, or pressure-treated wood—and helping create the perfect deck style. His services extend to building pergolas and fences, navigating building permits, and providing detailed renderings to bring clients' visions to reality.

My Story

Deeply rooted in a family landscaping business, James donned his first pair of work boots at the tender age of 13, igniting a lifelong love affair with creating stunning outdoor projects.


Recently embracing the Bruce Coutney andn Saugeen Shores communities, James has been warmly welcomed and is eager to transform outdoor spaces into the personal oasis that his clients dream of.  Having outdoor spaces that are inviting can really allow his clients to enjoy the short-lived summer season. His commitment to professionalism and passion for impeccable craftsmanship ensures that every project with Utopia Decks is not just a construction endeavor, but a creation of enduring beauty and functionality.

For those dreaming of enhancing their outdoor living, James and  his Utopia Decks team stand ready to turn visions into breathtaking realities, one deck at a time.

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